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Andre the Giant was a poet.

Andre the Giant was a poet.

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The last few months we’ve worked to develop video content for the website Thought Catalog. Here is a skit that we shot, based on an article by Lance Pauker, featuring all of our friends.

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We’re updating our website today.

Did someone say gif party?

In September, we worked with graffiti legend Mr. EwokOne as he redid the mural at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio. Dude is the best, check it out.

Anonymous asked: Why are aliens still worried about Jean Grey and the Phoenix even though Hope and Wanda destroyed the Phoenix Force?


 some people really overreact when a cosmic force destroys a sun and destroys a bunch of inhabited planets.

  such babies

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Last night, we were out drinking with a bunch of friends in Cambridge when we saw Eugene Mirman. We’re all huge fans of everything he does and he made jokes at us for a while, drunk outside a bar. There were around 10 of us.

As he walked away, he wished us well and that everyone would have sex with each other. We gave him a round of applause as he wandered off into the darkness.

Eugene, I hope you remember us, because we’ll always remember you.


We shot portions of this video with After the Smoke over the summer. Rob recently cut it together and did some rad animations over everything. Dude’s good. This is really cool.